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2015 LTA Baseball College Showcase Nominations and Registration is open   No metal spikes allowed on the Pinebanks Turf Field

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No metal spikes are allowed on the Melrose Pinebanks Turf Field.


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For Information or Questions regarding participation in Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball, please contact Joe Rushing @ 508-740-4139 or rrushing666@gmail.com

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From the desk of LTA President, Joe Rushing.

Nominations & Registratiion  for the LTA College Showcase for High School and College players rostered on a LTA Team is now open.  There are only 80 spots available, so nominate and register early.  Registration closes July 4th.

To review  the highlights of the operational and rule changes for the 2015 season, please "Read More"

Joe Rushing, President

Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball
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“Building Champions On & Off The Field”


2015 LTA College Showcase Weekend

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The 2015 College Showcase Weekend is Saturday July 11th at Belmont High School in Belmont, MA. This is an opportunity for registered players in our LTA league to put their skills on display in front of 4 college talent evaluators as well as scouts from over 40 colleges and prep schools throughout Massachusetts.  All without paying the hundreds or thousands of dollars normally associated with attending one of these types of college showcases.

Player nominations by managers and coaches and registration by the nominated players is open.

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What is the Lou Tompkins ALL-Star Baseball League?

  • A League of 65+ All-Star Teams from Northeastern Massachusetts

  • Four Age Divisions
    Senior Division ages 17-21
    A Division ages 15-16
    B Division ages 13-14
    C Division age 13 only

  • A College Baseball Showcase Weekend for Our Players ages 15-18

  • An 18-20 Game Season Ending with a League Champion in each Division

  • An Off-Season program in Cooperation with TheBASE Providing Conditioning & Skills Training During the Winter for Any Player on an LTA Roster, All at No Charge

  • The Varsity and College players of Tomorrow, Play in LTA Today

  • Dozens of Players Who Played in Our League Now Play College Ball

Joe Rushing, President



Managers & Coaches

In order to have a smooth entry into the season, we strongly urge each MANAGER and COACH to
 1: register as a user of the site (your username and password from last year are valid) and
2: As soon as you have been confirmed as a user, PLEASE enter yourself on your roster, see below for instructions and
3: all managers who have received and invitation to the ArbiterSports.com site to register as a LTA contact should do so ASAP.

Roster Entry

Managers need to enter the Managers and Coaches section of their rosters ASAP.  The player information is required by your first game.  Select "Coaches/Directors" above and then select "Enter/Edit Rosters". 

To enter a roster you need each player's Name, Age, DOB, Address and Telephone and the coaching staff's phone numbers and email address.


Usernames and passwords from previous years are valid.






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