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For Information or Questions regarding participation in Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball, please contact   Ralph Martignetti  @ 857-366-1213 or rjmartig5@gmail.com

All Division Schedules are posted. Please enter manager and coach info for your roster ASAP. Player roster info required prior to 1st game.  Schedule issues, work with your comissioner and opposing manager

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"A" Division
"B" Division
"C" Division 
"Senior" Division


From the desk of LTA President, Ralph Martignetti.

C (13 only) and B (13/14) Division are combined
We have decided to combine the C (13 only) and B (13/14) Divisions in 2018.  By combining the divisions we are hoping to provide one seriously competitive division that will have enough teams to keep long travel to a minimum. We are excited about the change and hoping the competition will be at an all-time high. The commissioners of the new B division will be Steve Kelly, Vincent Ferrara, Bob Levine and Danny Kelly.

We will be splitting the league into East-West groups/conferences for the A and B divisions as we did last year.  The Senior Division may split into a North-South group/conference.

Create an alternating weekly schedule that begins with 2 games per week and 2 games on the weekend, followed by the next week of having 2 games during the week and no games on the weekend.  If we have the right number of teams for a division we will schedule crossover games between East and West only on weekends.

The 2018 calendar is posted to the web site.  See "Current Calendar" under About LTA Baseball above.

The Rules for 2018 are posted to the web site, see LTA Rules under the About LTA Baseball tab above.

Ralph Martignetti, President

Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball
League of Champions

“Building Champions On & Off The Field”

What is the Lou Tompkins ALL-Star Baseball League?

  • A League of 60+ All-Star Teams from Northeastern Massachusetts

  • Three Age Divisions
    Senior Division ages 17-21
    A Division ages 15-16
    B Division ages 13-14

  • An 18-20 Game Season Ending with a League Champion in each Division

  • The Varsity and College players of Tomorrow, Play in LTA Today

  • Dozens of Players Who Played in Our League Now Play College Ball

Ralph Martignetti, President



 Key Dates for 2018

Registration opens 4/15/18
Registration closes for all divisions  5/15/18
Mandatory managers meeting (1 point for attending)
, Sunday 6/3/18 @ Bedford Middle School @ 7 PM.
Senior division schedule starts Wed 6/13/18 with the other divisions starting week of 6/18/18
Senior division Tournament of Champions (TOC) – week of 7/30/18

A and B division Tournament of Champions (TOC) – week of 8/6/18


Usernames and passwords from previous years are valid.