Register Your Town's Teams Online

(It is recommended that you print this page with your browser's print function before selecting Register Teams)

To register your teams, select Register Teams.  Once you have registered your teams, you may select Teams Registered to view your submission.  If you have any questions regarding the entering of your team(s) registration information, please contact Dale Clutter @ 978-505-5812.

By using the online registration, you agree that you have read and agreed to the information in the Registration Package on the Registration Info page of this web site.

There are a few steps to generating your online registration:  HAVE A VALID CREDIT CARD TO PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE.

  1. Select Register Teams and enter your email address & Town
  2. Enter the town coordinator or submitter information so LTA Baseball may contact you regarding your submitted teams.
  3. Enter the information for each team (Division, Team Name, Manager information and Primary and Secondary fields) and add the registration fee for each team to your cart.
  4. After entering all your teams, either select View Cart and Checkout or upon adding the registration fee for your last team select Checkout.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not select to add a registered team to your cart, that team's information will not be registered with the league.
  6. Teams are not considered registered until payment of registration fees have been accepted.