Some Changes for the 2018 Season of Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball!

Over the past few months the LTA Board of Directors have been busy preparing for the 2018 season.

C (13 only) and B (13/14) Divisions are combined
We have decided to combine the C (13 only) and B (13/14) Divisions in 2018. Last year the C division ended with 11 teams, congratulations Medford, and the B division with 22 teams, congratulations Marlboro. By combining the divisions we are hoping to provide one seriously competitive division that will have enough teams to keep long travel to a minimum. Depending on the numbers, we will either have 2 or 3 leagues within the division and are hoping to group teams in a reasonable proximity to each other in the same league. We are excited about the change and hoping the competition will be at an all-time high. The commissioners of the new B division will be Steve Kelly, Vincent Ferrara, Bob Levine and Danny Kelly.

We will be splitting the league into East-West groups/conferences for the A and B divisions as we did last year.The Senior Division may split into a North-South group/conference.

    1.      This is to reduce travel times and allow teams to play the majority of their games with towns and teams closer to them during the week and keeping the longer travel trips to games scheduled for the weekend.

    2.      Scheduling will only allow this to work if we have an even number of teams in each group or conference.

    3.      We may put a late registering team on a waiting list to see if we can maintain an even balance for each conference before we lock up our teams and make our schedules.

Create an alternating weekly schedule that begins with 2 games per week and 2 games on the weekend, followed by the next week of having 2 games during the week and no games on the weekend.† If we have the right number of teams for a division we will schedule crossover games between East and West only on weekends.

Again this year, following the coaches meeting, each team will have 48 hours to review their schedule, find the dates that they cannot play and need to move the game date, contact their opposing teamís manager or coach, and if both agree to a new date and time, they can submit a request to their division commissioner to reschedule the game.After the 48 hour period is up, the schedule is complete and no changes will be allowed except for those related to weather.Only the commissioners within the division may change a game within that division.For example, no A commissioner may change a Senior or B division game.

 All make-up games must be made up the next available day or within 7 days of the original postponement.Example, if a teamís game is rained out on Wednesday, and his town doesnít have a field available until Friday, then Friday is the next available date.If the two managers cannot agree upon a date within 7 days of the original postponement, the division or league commissioner have the authority to schedule the make-up of the game on a field and at a time of their choosing.Each team will run the risk of taking a forfeit.

Top two teams in each group/conference (East Group and West Group) will be the top four seeds based upon their record (points).The next four seeds will be by best record (points), no matter what group/conference.

 The T of C would be played at lighted fields for the week day games (Tues, Wed and Thurs), provided we are able to secure sufficient number of fields. We need your help with this.If you have a field with lights and can let us use it for those 3 nights, contact Dale Clutter (

We want to put these games under the lights and allow games to play to their conclusion.We will be in contact with the towns, teams and coaches in our league who have lighted fields to help facilitate this.

The Pre-season managersí meeting is important.
Each team gets a point for being there and you will have 48 hours from the end of that meeting to look over your schedule, identify problems dates, come to an agreement with your opposing manager to change the date and then contact your commissioner.Itís VITAL that each team you have in LTA be at this meeting.

Registration opens 4/15/18
Registration closes for all divisions on 5/31/18
Mandatory managers meeting (1 point for attending), Sunday 6/10/18 @tbd
Senior division schedule starts Wed 6/13/18 with the other divisions starting week of 6/18/18
Senior division Tournament of Champions (TOC) Ė week of 7/30/18
A, B and C division Tournament of Champions (TOC) Ė week of 8/6/18

If you have any questions about any of our changes, as always, feel free to email at or call me..

Ralph Martignetti
President LTA