What is the Lou Tompkins ALL-Star Baseball League?

The Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball League is organized for the purpose of promoting the game of baseball through organized competition.  In order to balance the competition, the Board of Directors of the League has established four divisions (Senior Division for 17 - 21 yr olds, A Division for 15 - 16 yr olds, B Division for 14 yr olds and C Division for 13 yr olds).

This past year, we had a very competitive program culminating in four exceptionally well played Tournament of Champions final games.  Congratulations are in order for Bellerica, the Senior Division Champion, Cambridge, the A Division Champion, Athletes Edge, the B Division Champion and Framingham, the C Division Champion.

We expect that the coming season will continue the high level of competition.  Our goal is to provide our member Cities/Towns with a league structure and environment which will promote and foster fast paced, competitive baseball.  We anticipate significant interest among Cities/Towns in entering teams in the Senior Division, A Division, B Division and C Division for 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball League, please contact Joe Rushing  508-740-4139.

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Joe Rushing
Joe Rushing, President